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>From we members at Clubwin, and to elaborate a bit further:

> Windows 2000 Professional      -> replaces Win98 

Also replaces Windows NT Workstation

> Windows 2000 Server            -> replaces NT workstation

No, this is a version of Server that can handle up to 2-way SMP

> Windows 2000 Advanced Server   -> replaces NT server

NT Server replacement, up to 4-way SMP and large physical memory

> Windows 2000 Datacenter Server -> replaces NT server

NT Server replacement, up to 16-way SMP (depending on architecture) and up
to 64GB of memory.

Here is how we got it (direct from Microsoft):

> The new product names will be:
> * Windows 2000 Professional (formerly Windows NT Workstation 5.0) is
> Microsoft's mainstream desktop operating system for business of all sizes.
> Windows 2000 Professional delivers the easiest Windows yet, the highest
> level of security, state-of-the-art features for mobile users,
> industrial-strength reliability, and better performance while lowering the
> total cost of ownership through improved manageability.
> * Windows 2000 Server (formerly Windows NT Server 5.0) offers
> industry-leading functionality and will support new systems with up to
> 2-way SMP.  Ideal for small to medium enterprise application deployments,
> webservers, workgroups, and branch offices, Microsoft expects this version
> of Windows 2000 to be the most popular server version.  Existing Windows
> NT Server 4.0 systems with up to 4-way SMP can be upgraded to this SKU.
> * Windows 2000 Advanced Server (formerly Windows NT Server 5.0
> Enterprise Edition) is a more powerful departmental and application
> server, which also provides rich NOS and Internet services. Supporting new
> systems with up to four-way SMP, and/or large physical memories, this new
> product offering is ideal for database-intensive work, and integrates
> clustering and load balancing support to provide excellent system and
> application availability.   Existing Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition
> servers with up to 8-way SMP can install this SKU, which will be priced
> below today's Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition product.
> * Windows 2000 Datacenter Server (new) is the most powerful and
> functional server operating system ever offered by Microsoft.  It supports
> up to 16-way SMP and up to 64GB of physical memory (depending on system
> architecture).   Like Windows 2000 Advanced Server, it provides both
> clustering and load balancing services as standard features.   It is
> optimized for large data warehouses, econometric analysis, large-scale
> simulations in science and engineering, OLTP and server consolidation
> projects.

Hope this clears thigs up a bit.  

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