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Thanks Dave!

Hmmm...  Tridge suggested that TotalNet was a separate implementation, but
I had heard the that it was AT&T/MS based code.

What I'm *really* wondering is where they got the NetWare code.  Three
possibilities:  1) they have a deal with Novell, 2) they based it on
Microsoft's NetWare code, or 3) they've done their own.  I've heard that
there are some big holes in Microsoft's implementation.

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> Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> > Does anyone know much about this product?  I've seen some analysis of
> > Microsoft's NetWare implementation and I'd like to know if that's what is
> > in TotalNet.
> 	No, it's an extended version of the old AT&T/MS
> 	product, with apple and novell support integrated
> 	with it. Sun resells it.
> 	It's simple, easy to install and use, and slow.
> 	It's in danger of failing as MS cleans up some of
> 	their bugs (:-))
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