Server Manager broken under Win95

James Willard james at
Thu Oct 22 02:40:27 GMT 1998


  Ever since about two days ago when passwords could be changed by
CTRL-ALT-DEL | Change Password, I have not been able to administer my
samba-controlled domain from the Win95 server manager. Up until then, I was
able to administer the domain just fine. Server manager reported the samba
machine as being the PDC, but now it tells me that a domain controller
cannot be found and instead lists the PDC as a BDC. I am able to login to
the PDC from Win95 boxes without any problem.

  Also, I have seen discussion about being able to use User Manager on a
samba-controlled domain now. I have never been able to do this with User
Manager, and I still can't. Since I don't have any NT machines around
currently, I use Win95 Server/User Manager. Is there a difference in the way
NT's and 95's domain administration utilties operate?


James D. Willard
james at

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