nt password change in samba

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Mon Oct 19 18:36:34 GMT 1998

... has been added.  this is a slightly more secure password change than
the win95 version: it uses the previous nt hash to encrypt the new
clear-text password instead of the win95 version using the lm hash.

rpcclient has had an nt password change command for about... ten days,
now.  it negotiates "encrypted" sessions, which don't work on smbd yet
(i'm on it, i'm on it!).  at the very least, you can change your nt
password from a unix command prompt now.

rpcclient -S nt_server -W domain_name -U username
Password: your_user's_password
smb> ntpass
New Password (only once - get it right! :-): new_user's_password
smb> quit

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