User lists in W95 (II)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Oct 19 16:10:43 GMT 1998

On Sun, 18 Oct 1998, Michael Stockman wrote:

> Hello,


michael, can you break line lengths to 70 chars or so?  below is a single
paragraph with a single "reply" indent, and i can't read the rest of the
line, it's off the screen...

> I downloaded friday's CVS version of samba (1998-10-16) which was very nice. It appears that support for usrmgr in W95 is now there. However the share dialog box doesn't seem to like it very much. I've tried to describe the course of events below for the share dialog (which fails). I'll try to compare with usrmgr.

ok i got so far (first screen), and then tried to open a user, and it went
"splat" on the floor, presumably because i am returning NULL unicode
strings rather than "empty" strings.  nt-usrmgr.exe works fine with NULL
strings, win95 obviously doesn't.

> 11. A SMBtrans message on \PIPE\SAMR with pnum = 0.
> Fails due to no pipe with pnum = 0 and unsupported API fd command (similar to point 1).

we can do this the hard way, if you like.  send me the "data" section at
a high log level.  or preferably, does anyone else with win95 and nt have
netmon and if so could they wsend me a trace?

> 16. A SMBtrans message on \PIPE\ with pnum = 7001.
> API command 0x26 -> api_samr_rpc op 0x5 - unknown. Unsupported API fd command.

the hard way, mentioned above, is for you to send me a "data" section" of
all unsupported API fd commands.  i code them up in rpcclient, and send
them _back_ to the nt servers i have here.  i then code up the response,
check it in to the cvs tree, and we move on to the next one.



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