Question on allocation of file structures

Christian Goetze cg at
Tue Oct 13 00:32:48 GMT 1998

Gerald Carter writes:
 > At 10:12 AM 10/13/98 +1000, Christian Goetze wrote:
 > >I am having a problem running samba with clearcase. It seems that
 > >clearcase will open many files at once - I'm not sure if it closes
 > >them at some point, but the behaviour I'm observing is the following:
 > >
 > >I run a little test program that will create many view private files.
 > >Once MAX_OPEN_FILES is reached, my script hangs a little and sometimes
 > >the open will fail, sometimes it will continue with the next batch
 > >until a multiple of MAX_OPEN_FILES (minus one) is reached, where it
 > >will again sometimes fail or succeed after a short wait.
 > >
 > This will be fixed in Samba-2.  The open file data structures 
 > have been reworked.  Try the latest CVS code and see if it 
 > fixes things.  The default under Samba-2 is 10,000 i think.

Thanks for the quick response. It seems indeed that clearcase keeps a
cache of open files, even when they are "logically" closed. The size
of this cache can be set (1800 seems to be the default).

For the time being I will experiment with that setting and see how far
I can go with that....

I'm happy to hear that this will be resolved, and even more happy to
see such a quick response - Thanks a lot!

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