Porting Samba to threaded (not process'ed) OS

Gerald Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Oct 13 00:11:34 GMT 1998

At 07:15 AM 10/13/98 +1000, Patrick Dyson wrote:
>We are porting Samba to a threaded embedded system and am looking for anyone
>who has done this or knows of someone who has (even commercial). We are past
>the "can it work" part and getting into the "lets do it right" part.
>I read about how threading smbd is a bad idea under UNIX and am not doing

A guy from Programmed Logic just gave a talk about an
embedded multi-threaded CIFS server (here at CIFS '98)
Their web site is http://www.plc.com and his name was Bob
Mastors (mastors at plc.com)

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