[Fwd: SAMBA digest 1834]

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 7 23:48:31 GMT 1998

> 	I wonder if you can say if this is likely? It's
> 	coming along amazingly, but it's not a small task.

I think it will ship with Samba 2.0 but it may not work on all
platforms. So far it works on 6 unixes (I got OSF1 working last

We certainly won't be removing smbclient/smbtar from Samba 2.0. They
are still essential tools. It is just that we will be offering a more
convenient tool (smbsh) on some platforms.

> 	The curent plan has an introductory chapter about Samba 2.0
> 	domains and SWAT placed after installation of server and
> 	clients, and followed by more advanced topics: printing &
> 	specialized services, security, performance and troubleshooting.
> 	Then we plan to have the ``futures and misc'' chapter and
> 	the appendices.

maybe "future and misc" covers it?

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