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David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Wed Oct 7 16:23:30 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
| There is hope though. Over the past few days I have been developing
| something called smbwrapper (and smbsh). This offers most of the
| capabilities of smbfs in a way that makes it somewhat portable. It
| also provides several features that smbfs doesn't. I'm hoping that
| smbsh will be reasonably complete for Samba 2.0.

	I wonder if you can say if this is likely? It's
	coming along amazingly, but it's not a small task.

	My editor would like to set a cut-off point
	for a book we're working on, and 2.0 seems
	like a plausible point to use.  I'd like to
	know if we should discuss smbwrapper/smbsh...

	The book, of course, will have a short discussion of what
	was being worked on at the time it went to press,
	so current work, if discussed here, will at least
	be mentioned. If smbwrapper is planned for 2.1, it
	will appear there... 

	I really only want to know:
	1) is it something you feel confident of?, or
	2) would you prefer it be mentioned under future plans?

	The curent plan has an introductory chapter about Samba 2.0
	domains and SWAT placed after installation of server and
	clients, and followed by more advanced topics: printing &
	specialized services, security, performance and troubleshooting.
	Then we plan to have the ``futures and misc'' chapter and
	the appendices.

--dave (author #3 on ``Using Samba'', trying to get it good
	enough to hit the bookstores in January) c-b
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