smbsh progressy

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Oct 5 03:20:19 GMT 1998

>     I got a CVS update and successfully compiled smbsh for Solaris 2.5.1
> with gcc.  I quickly fired it
> up and was able to do a ls on /smb/SERVER.  I got into my home directory,
> and was able to look around.


you also may wish to do a cvs update every now and again. The patches
are flying think and fast today.

> That's all I've done so far... I'll play with it some more and let you know
> what I break. :)

good, we definately need testers.

Solaris 2.6 support is now looking pretty good as well. Maybe AIX is

I'd like to do IRIX but the triple model (32, n32, 64) might make
things tricky. Anyone know how to tell binaries to load the right
object in LD_PRELOAD ? Herb?

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