smbsh progress

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sun Oct 4 23:30:00 GMT 1998

> I did a little, too :)


> That's what I was trying to see if I could get going.  I have
> it working, almost, under Solaris 2.6.  At the moment 'ls'
> seg faults if:
>     $ ls /smb
>     $ cd /; ls

ok, we must be missing some wrapper functions. To diagnose this do
"truss ls" and see what system calls its making. Then add wrappers for
any that have anything to do with the filesystem.

> 'ls' is dying on readdir64.  My experience with implementing 
> my own getdents() for a Solaris VFS was that getdents() HAD to
> return a struct dirent64, so I wonder if this is related.
> Actually, duh, maybe we just need to define an smb_readdir64
> as readdir64() must be getting a smb fd.

yep, that will probably do it.
I'll have a quick look at solaris 2.6 later today and try to work out
what needs to be done.

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