smbwrapper - testing please

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sat Oct 3 13:00:13 GMT 1998

If anyone on this list is feeling brave then I'd like to get some
feedback on smbwrapper.

To try just grab the latest from CVS (using -d to grab new
directories) and read the README in source/smbwrapper/

Note that it currently only works for glibc2 Linux boxes (for example
RedHat 5.1). 

The feedback I want is:

1) can you get it to work at all?
2) what programs don't work on the smbwrapper filesystem?

I know vim doesn't work, but I haven't worked out why yet. Everything
else that I've tried has worked (at least to some degree). That

  emacs, tar, ls, cmp, cp, rsync, du, cat, rm, mv, less, more, wc, head,
  tail, bash, tcsh

It should also now work in Win95, Samba and NT servers. It
auto-detects and works around various Win95 and NT bugs.

I'm hoping smbwrapper will eventually provide a convenient replacement
for many of things users now use smbclient, smbtar and smbfs for. To
meet that goal we have to make it robust. Bug reports wanted! 

Send all feedback to the samba-technical list.

Cheers, Tridge

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