Please, PLEASE, remove the BASEDIR from Makefile

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Nov 30 13:10:24 GMT 1998

> What's wrong with VARDIR=@localstatedir@ ? It defaults to $(prefix)/var
> anyway and is settable

yep, sounds like a reasonable change

> # we don't use sbindir because we want full compatibility with
> # the previous releases of Samba
> SBINDIR = @bindir@
> May I suggest, that configure.developer be used to set defaults for
> developers (sbindir = bindir) and release version inlcude  correct directory
> settings?

nope, sorry.

When we recently changed the configure in the tree Jeremy and I didn't
realise that we had accidentally changed the place where smbd and nmbd
were put. We got several weird bug reports from people that updating
didn't fix a problem. Then Jeremy put a fix in the tree and I did a
"cvs update; make install" and told Jeremy it didn't fix the
problem. It turned out that I'd been fooled myself because inetd was
set to run /usr/local/samba/bin/smbd but the new configure/Makefile
had installed smbd in /usr/local/samba/sbin/

If Jeremy and I get fooled by this, then how many others will?
Thousands of people won't read the huge warning and will still be
running the old version.

If someone can come up with a decent (non-kludge) solution that

1) smbd and nmbd must be installed in /usr/local/samba/bin by default
2) users can easily choose another location for smbd and nmbd with a
configure option

then we will consider it :)

One possibility is for configure to look for existing installations of
smbd/nmbd and use one if it finds it.

> I suggest adding --with-privatedir and --with-swatdir options to confiure.
> smbpasswd et al belongs to $(etcdir) (or subdirectory thereof) and swatdir
> belongs to $(datadir) - I would like to see it in $(prefix)/share/swat.
> Currently swatdir in dumped directly under $(prefix).

I'd consider a change in where SWAT is installed, as SWAT has never
shipped before so only experimenters get hurt.

I want the private directory to retain it's current location. Moving
it will cause the same sorts of problems as smbd/nmbd.

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