Please, PLEASE, remove the BASEDIR from Makefile

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Mon Nov 30 10:33:56 GMT 1998

Some remaining stuff ...


What's wrong with VARDIR=@localstatedir@ ? It defaults to $(prefix)/var
anyway and is settable

# we don't use sbindir because we want full compatibility with
# the previous releases of Samba
SBINDIR = @bindir@

May I suggest, that configure.developer be used to set defaults for
developers (sbindir = bindir) and release version inlcude  correct directory
settings? After all, defaults are already changed *very* much from samba-1.
I think, the correct place to set defaults is in packaging for different
systems - not in generic Anybody installing samba-2 from source
will have to study configure options.

Private directory and swat directory.

I suggest adding --with-privatedir and --with-swatdir options to confiure.
smbpasswd et al belongs to $(etcdir) (or subdirectory thereof) and swatdir
belongs to $(datadir) - I would like to see it in $(prefix)/share/swat.
Currently swatdir in dumped directly under $(prefix).



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