Problems from WinNT and NTrigue: Always asks for password

Tim Rice tim at trr.metro.NET
Fri Nov 27 17:34:15 GMT 1998

On Fri, 27 Nov 1998, Richard Sharpe wrote:

> Hi,
> someone who was on one of my TCP/IP courses recently asked about this:
> >bottom is our Unix server and ulysses is our NTrigue server
> >connect from Unix system to NTrigue server (with same UID & password)
> >logon to NTrigue server
> >NTrigue automatically maps a Unix drive at connection time BUT ASKS FOR UNIX
> >PASSWORD (same as NTrigue)
> >correct password continues logon process.
> Does anyone have any experience here ... The log file shows that
> connections were made, but no logon was attempted until later, which
> succeeded ...
Hmm, not much info about the setup.

It works at my client's site.
Samba is using encrypted passwords.
But then it worked before samba was installed on the Unix server.
This NTrigue box has an NFS client and all the accounts were imported
via NIS from the Unix server. The passwords were not imported and all 
the users on NTrigue had to change their password to the same as on 
the Unix machine.

Not much info here ethier but then maybe it will spark an idea.
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