Samba client/server problem

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Nov 27 12:36:44 GMT 1998

> /samba/bin$ ./smbclient -L tree -U pcguest -N
> Added interface ip= bcast=
> nmask=
> Got a positive name query response from (
> )
> Session request failed (131,130) with myname=TREE destname=TREE
> Called name not present
> Try to connect to another name (instead of TREE)
> You may find the -I option useful for this

that's very strange, you are connecting correctly to your own box, but
that isn't Samba responding. Samba cannot generate a type 0x82 session
response (that's what "Called name not present" means). Samba can
generate a type 0x81 if your "hosts allow" setting is wrong, but
that's all.

I suspect you have another SMB server installed on this box. Remove it :)

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