smbtar not recursive in Samba2 Beta2?

Wayne Schuller w.schuller at
Fri Nov 27 02:04:27 GMT 1998

hi everyone,

My apologies if this is more appropriate to the general mailing list, but
because it's regarding the Samba 2 Beta 2 beta, I'm assuming the other
lists are for stable released versions.

Has anyone else noticed that smbtar doesn't recurse sub directories anymore?

I was using 1.9.18p10 and smbtar worked recursively by default (like normal
tar). But under 2beta2 it doesn't work like this... (and my backups stopped
working doh)

I'm using RH 5.2 trying to smbtars on an NT 4 Server, using encrypted
passwords (obviously).

If i've got something completely wrong please tell me... 

ps: let me take this opportunity to state how great I think Samba is...
It's the most amazing useful tool to have under GPL!
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