LDAP status

Chris Tomlinson chris at moonvine.org
Wed Nov 25 17:00:28 GMT 1998

On 25-Nov-98 Matt Chapman wrote:
> Currently my objectclasses are based roughly on the Samba/NT structures, i.e.
> not conforming to any standard.
> Once I have that working correctly it would be trivial to change the
> attribute
> names and types to correspond to something standard.
> Would the preference be for NIS (i.e. RFC2307) or Active Directory? Both
> (i.e.
> ldap schema = nis / ad) ? Neither? Suggestions?

I think that the RFC 2307 is good starting point as long as all the information
that is needed to support using Samba as a Domain Controller is present in the
RFC2307 schema.

Christine Tomlinson

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