Initialise vs Initialize

David Allan Finch david.finch at
Wed Nov 25 13:44:11 GMT 1998

Joe Geiser <jgeiser at> write:
|> David Allen Finch says,
|> memory) --- I don't think that this is the cause, because each source file
|> is rather segregated, and the ones that aren't (or used by everything such
|> as include.h) are pretty standard now...

This is a Red Herring I changed it and it still would not
compile. Even though it works it seams silly to have
the words spelt different in seprate locations why not
standardise on _init_. 

But I did figure our how to fix it :-)

If you add

	#undef GROUP
	#undef GROUP_OBJ
before the 

	#include <rpcsvc/nis.h>

The compile error goes away, and on a small
test all the nis stuff seams to work. Someone
that realy understand what is going on
should check this!

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