LDAP status

Matt Chapman m.chapman at student.unsw.edu.au
Wed Nov 25 09:05:18 GMT 1998

> Are you integrating LDAP with aliasdb, groupdb, and passgrp as well as passdb?


> What schema are you using? Is there any sense in trying to use a common schema
> between the NIS stuff and LDAP? What I'm thinking of is something like the
> RFC2307.

Currently my objectclasses are based roughly on the Samba/NT structures, i.e.
not conforming to any standard.

Once I have that working correctly it would be trivial to change the attribute
names and types to correspond to something standard.

Would the preference be for NIS (i.e. RFC2307) or Active Directory? Both (i.e.
ldap schema = nis / ad) ? Neither? Suggestions?


Matt Chapman
E-mail: mattyc at cyberdude.com

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