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Gilles Bruno Gilles.Bruno at
Tue Nov 24 13:27:25 GMT 1998

Hi everyone, 
for security pupose, we are trying to settle a redundancy/load balancing
policy with our samba servers.

Assuming we'll have 2 identical samba servers on 2 separates networks, is
it possible via a special configuration of DNS/Wins/whatever to get the 
smb requests beeing dispatched on these 2 separate host ?

Our clients, psread on different subnets will all be using isc's dhcpd so
as to get their ip/netmask and also (according to the 2.0b1 docs) their
and secondary wins servers.

This thread has already been discussed a long time ago on
(a quick dejanews search showed a related message dated 96/02/18...), but 
I haven't seen any proff of succesfull setup yet.

My main concern is that if we use the wins capabilities (just like now) to
get our multiple subnet browse list "mingled", and do to the nature a
netbios name resolution protocol (i mean the cache effects), will this
solution be viable ?

Any clues, success/failure stories welcome.

Thanks in advance !

PS. excuse both my poor english, and if this message is quite off-topic in
this list...

Gilles BRUNO 
Universite Joseph Fourier - CRIP
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