Initialise vs Initialize

Joe Geiser jgeiser at
Tue Nov 24 13:06:37 GMT 1998

David Allen Finch says,

> I could be wrong, but I think that part of the
> problem that the NIS+ stuff does not compile
> could be a UK vs US spelling difference that is 
> 'ise' vs 'ize'.

<compile o/p snipped>

Although this could be a "Tom-A-to vs. Tom-AHH-to" thing (yes, I was in
Britain recently and used the "A" instead of "AHHH" - so it's in short-term
memory) --- I don't think that this is the cause, because each source file
is rather segregated, and the ones that aren't (or used by everything such
as include.h) are pretty standard now...

Again, I may be wrong, but with the whole world throwing their 2 pence into
the fray, something in the literary sense is about to pop up.  (Hey, I have
several UKL1 coins here, so I have a few pence to throw around ;)

Of course, Tridge could step in and say --- Samba's from OZ, and therefore,
the "s" takes over the American "z" :)


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