Samba 2.0 build updated for HPUX.

Dirk De Wachter Dirk.DeWachter at
Fri Nov 20 14:38:53 GMT 1998

On 20 Nov 98, at 7:02, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I just checked in some fixes for Samba 2.0 for
> HPUX that should allow it to be autoconf'ed correctly
> on HPUX (10.x, 11.x etc).
> Can others please help test these fixes by checking
> out the SAMBA_2_0 branch :

Thanks Jeremy!
I only rechecked the autoconfig stuff. Almost everything works as a 
charm. Below you find some additional remarks:

About shadow.h checking:
>configure:1779: checking for shadow.h
>configure:1789: cc -E  -Ae conftest.c >/dev/null 2>conftest.out
>cpp: "param.h", line 45: warning 2001: Redefinition of macro MAXINT.
>configure: failed program was:
>#line 1784 "configure"
>#include "confdefs.h"
>#include <shadow.h>
As you can see the test fails on a warning (a broken include 
installation, sigh). However shadow.h *IS* present. What should be 
done to make the test succeed? Remove warnings from the compiler 
output (with flag -w) ??
The strange thing is that the following test (for const) also 
generates a warning, but it succeeds!!

>configure:2055: checking for working const
>configure:2109: cc -c -O  -Ae conftest.c 1>&5
>cc: line 2106: warning 5004: Uninitialized variable "t" in function "main" (5004
>cc: line 2106: warning 5004: Uninitialized variable "b" in function "main" (5004

Some extra tests that can be resolved by including the '-lsec' 
>configure:3748: cc -o conftest -O  -Ae  conftest.c  1>&5
>/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
>   getspnam (code)
getspnam on HPUX is found in library -lsec 
This is already checked now (configure line 4924)
Once -lsec is added to the CFLAGS, it remains there during most
of the following tests in configure. Is this the way it is supposed
to be?
The following codes are also found in library -lsec and perhaps should be rechecked?
>   putprpwnam (code)
>   bigcrypt (code)
>   getprpwnam (code)
>   set_auth_parameters (code)

Best wishes,


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