Gross hack

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Nov 20 12:53:01 GMT 1998

> The *GROSS* and *DISGUSTING* (ie. mine :-) solution :
> -----------------------------------------------------
> It turns out that if you turn off NT access to the
> \\SRVSVC pipe for *just one open request* that NT
> will fall back to using the old Lanman code that
> we support.


yes, this is something akin to the NT client-side code-path:

if (dce-rpc-NetServerGetInfo("\\servername, 101, &info_level_101_buffer))
	return IS_BITS_SET_ALL(info_level_101_buffer.sv_type, SV_TYPE_NT)
	return False;

which, i am sorry to say, is a lot better way of detecting the Remote_Arch
than the current samba method.  note: where it succeeds against a samba
2.0 server, it should actually detect a type of "NT".  where it fails, it
will detect a samba 1.9.18 or below, which is of type "Samba".

anybody follow me on this?


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