Marty Leisner leisner at rochester.rr.com
Thu Nov 19 06:14:54 GMT 1998

> I've another thought on the printing problem that we've been experiencing.
> I've noticed an unsupported format request for DosPrintQGetInfo.  The
> requested format, 51, is not currently supported in samba.  Where is the
> printer format described, if it is at all?  Can the unsuppored facet of
> this call be the crux of win95 printing problems?
> Got API command 70 of form <zWrLh> <K> (tdscnt=0,tpscnt=23,mdrcnt=0,mprcnt=6)
> Doing DosPrintQGetInfo
> PrintQueue uLevel=51 name=BOW208HP
> Unsupported API command

I've never seen a spec for this...

I haven't run a recent version, but the unsupported APIs haven't before
caused a problem 

Marty Leisner

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