smbpasswd database is corrupt error

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Nov 18 17:46:47 GMT 1998

Tim Winders wrote:
> OK.  I am using the cvs HEAD from this morning and I found a problem with
> the way smbd deals with the smbpasswd database.  If a username is in the
> smbpasswd file but *NOT* in the unix passwd file it reports an error that
> the smbpasswd database is corrupt and will not let the user login.  I
> *THINK* this only occurs to users listed AFTER the "problem" in the
> smbpasswd file.  I don't think previous alpha versions worked the same
> way.

Yes, I'm afraid Luke's latest changes have broken the HEAD
branch quite a bit. Unfortunately I have logged the problems
and sent them to him but he added so much new code (and re-arranged
so much) that with preparing for the 2.0 release I haven't had time
to go through and understand what he broke (although I fixed the
gross compile errors).

I wish he hadn't added a new load of code just before going 
off to a conference, that was not best way to keep the code

Let me know if it's unbearable and I'll revert his change
and he'll have to re-add it when he gets back and has
some time to clean up the mess himself :-).


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