Samba 2.0 Beta1 released !

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Tue Nov 17 16:53:46 GMT 1998

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> From: Tim Rice [mailto:tim at trr.metro.NET]
> >
> > Unfortunately, the patch as is is wrong. It unconditionally
> resets agrument
> > to size_t. In our case e.g., the system provides two
> environments (32 bits
> > and 64 bits); the argument is size_t in 32 bits case, and int in 64 bits
> > case. Setting it to size_t in 64bit environment will break all possible
> > things (size_t is 64 bit long in this case). The test for
> ostype is porbably
> > too generic to handle such things.
> It only sets it to size_t for System V release 4.2 and System V release 5
> machines.
> All others default to int like before.
> ---< include/includes.h >----
>         	typedef SOCKARGLENTYPE socklen_t;
> 	#else
>         	typedef int socklen_t;
> 	#endif
> I see below the output of config.guess on your machine is mips-sni-sysv4.
> My patch would not reset to size_t  on your platform.

Ehm ... Exactly this is the problem. The type *should* be set if compiled in
32 bits environment and should *not* be set if compiled in 64 bit
environment. Sigh ... It means, that it is not even possible to check for
host type as returned by autoconf.

It is very very bad, that some systems are too generous. Probably, I will
end up with

     check for correct type

I will think it over.

> Maybe what we need in is
>  *sysv4*) AC_CHECK_LIB(resolv, strcasecmp);;

I am all for it. Any objection?


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