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Tue Nov 17 15:54:03 GMT 1998

We've been experiencing lots of problems where Win95 clients lose their
connection to the samba print server and don't reconnect on their own.
They can be forced to reconnect generally by retyping the port information
in the Win95 printers detail tab and clicking apply.  While that can get a
PC to print again, it doesn't explain how the PC gets into an unprintable
state in the beginning.  In that state, print jobs just sit in the local
queue and are not sent to the network.

We've been researching here and have a technical question.  In reply.c,
the function reply_ioctl is stubbed to currently provide a function
unsupported error.   There is IFDEFed code in there that could alternately
allow it to return without an error code and just make the client think
that things are OK.  What are the repercussions of changing the IFDEF so
that the non-error code is processed instead of the error return code?
Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether an unsupported ioctl error
code could be causing the Win95 clients to have a hung spool system?
I do know that the retype of a port setting in Win95 causes a new SMB
session to be negotiated for printing to start.  I'm currently just
searching for the reason why a valid print session may have been
disconnected thus leading to the problem.

Last week, I sent a question to the regular samba list hunting others with
the same problem.  At present, I'm looking for some technical insight on
the ioctl issue and any other tidbits that you may be able to provide.

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