Thoughts on dos cr/lf conversion

Lars Appel lappel at
Sat Nov 14 10:58:30 GMT 1998

At 17:22 11.11.98 +1100, Tim wrote:
>Here is a first pass at a design for a cr/lf conversion vfs module.
>Comments appreciated!  I'm sure other people have thought longer about
>this problem.

I must admit that I stopped thinking about the CR/LF issue shortly
after starting to use the free PFE (Programmer's File Editor) from
Alan Philips on my PC's. Handles DOS vs UNIX text files nicely.

See for details, if unknown.

As long as the PC filesystem does not indicate text/binary attributes
(which my primary Operating System MPE/iX does), it seems to me that
all on-the-fly conversions are somewhat tricky and potentially risky.


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