CVS update: samba/source/client

Matt Chapman m.chapman at
Sat Nov 14 02:03:08 GMT 1998

This commit broke smbclient in a big way.

* Incomplete directory listings (all files present I think, but most
  directories omitted.).
* Errors getting files (usually server returns non-specific ERRSRV on Egetattr).
* smbclient -L doesn't prompt for password.
* A couple of other minor glitches.

I will look into it; this definitely needs fixing soon.


> Date: Monday November 9, 1998 @ 14:44
> Author: tridge
> Update of /data/cvs/samba/source/client
> In directory samba:/tmp/cvs-serv20018
> Modified Files:
>         client.c clitar.c
> Log Message:
> converted smbclient to use clientgen.c rather than clientutil.c
> I did this when I saw yet another bug report complaining about
> smbclient intermittently missing files. Rather than applying more
> patches to smbclient it was better to move to the more robust
> clientgen.c code.
> The conversion wasn't perfect, I probably lost some features of
> smbclient while doing it, but at least smbclient should be consistent
> now. It if fails it should _always_ fail rather than giving people the
> false impression of a reliable utility.
> the tar stuff seems to work, but hasn't had much testing as I never
> use it myself. I'm sure someone will find bugs in my conversion of
> smbtar.c. It was quite tricky as it did a lot of its own SMB calls. It
> now uses clientgen.c exclusively.
> smbclient is still quite messy, but at least it doesn't build its own
> SMB packets.
> I haven't touched smbmount as I never use it. Mike, do you want to
> convert smbmount to use clientgen.c?

Matt Chapman
E-mail: mattyc at

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