suggested doc/FAQ addition

thwartedefforts at thwartedefforts at
Fri Nov 13 16:42:23 GMT 1998

I've been bitten more than once recently by the fact that the DOMAIN\Domain Admins group was not listed in the User Manager as members of the Administrators group -- even though it is susposed to be by default.  

This, of course, effects the ability of the user(s) you have listed in domain admin group in smb.conf to not have full access to admin the workstation.

A few of the NT4 workstations (which were under a different administrator before I got here) and my freshly installed NT4 Server did not have DOMAIN\Domain Admins listed (I believe not having DOMAIN\Domain Admins listed on NT Server may be the default).

I know the docs have been under heavy modification recently, so someone may have already thought to add this.  If not, could someone add something about verifying that DOMAIN\Domain Admins is listed as being in the Administrators group if there are problems admining the machine with a domain account?  If someone wants to give me a hint as to which file would be the best to have this, I'll provide a patch.


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