samba web pages in CVS

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Nov 11 04:39:57 GMT 1998

At Pauls suggestion I have put the Samba web pages in CVS. This means
that those of you with cvs write access now have no excuse for not
fixing mistakes in the web pages when you notice them.

The CVS module is called sambaweb and can be checked out using:

    cvs -d co sambaweb

then operate on it just like the current cvs source tree.

Note that some parts of the web pages (in particular the man pages)
are auto-generated and are thus not in the sambaweb cvs tree. Some
other parts (ntdom_faq, smb2www and smbedit) are maintained by other
means so I didn't put them in either. (Jerry, do you want the
ntdom_faq in CVS?)

A cron job will automatically update the web pages with the latest
copy from CVS every hour. If you want to see the results immediately
then login as samba-bugs and do a "cvs update" in /public_html/samba/ 

Please note that if you add any new pages then make sure you give them
0754 permissions _before_ you check them into CVS. (ie. run
"chmod 0754 foo.html"). If you don't then nasty things will happen and
it is not easy to fix afterwards, due to limitations in CVS.

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