Conflicts under Irix.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Tue Nov 10 04:41:55 GMT 1998


Thanks for the explanation.

I have had troubles with the -o32/-n32 issue before.  When I first 
installed Irix 6.x, I didn't know about the different libraries and went 
with defaults.  That caused a lot of problems as other packages assumed 
the n32 libraries (I think ssh was one of them).  I was hoping that 
someone at SGI might have a suggestion...

Chris -)-----

> The Makefile tries to generate both -32 and -n32 shared libraries. It
> needs to do this so that smbwrapper will work with both older and new
> binaries. 
> I'm not sure quite what the best way to handle this is. Maybe
> configure should test if -32 works and if not then don't try to build
> the old 32 library.

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