CVS update: samba/source/rpc_client

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue Nov 10 01:40:03 GMT 1998

> 	This looks *really* nice ! I'd still like to not
> put this into 2.0 though, if that's ok.

I'm glad you like it.  I think it's pretty neat too.

> The reason is we have a (reasonably) stable code tree
> at the moment, and I'm trying to finish the docs and
> get a SAMBA_2_0 CVS branch split off from the CVS head
> with the current codebase reasonably "frozen".

That's a good idea - I've done enough real software engineering to
appreciate this.  I just wanted to get a bit of input on what I had done
so far.

> Once that's done it'll be easy to accomodate putting
> the vfs layer. I'm really looking forward to being
> able to use this :-).

Do you have any specific plans?  I'm thinking of writing a perl interface
to it so you can write your extensions in perl.  (-:


> Cheers,
> 	Jeremy.
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