Conflicts under Irix.

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Nov 9 23:19:42 GMT 1998

> Someone has hard-wired a flag in the that seems to be causing
> some trouble under Irix.  I typically run ./configure as follows: 
>   export CFLAGS="-n32 -O2"; ./configure
> This is supposed to force use of the "new" 32-bit model.  However, there
> are several places in where the -32 flag ("old" 32-bit model)
> is hard coded.  I'm not sure which of these is causing the problem, but I 
> get:

The Makefile tries to generate both -32 and -n32 shared libraries. It
needs to do this so that smbwrapper will work with both older and new

I'm not sure quite what the best way to handle this is. Maybe
configure should test if -32 works and if not then don't try to build
the old 32 library.

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