?: RegConnectRegistry for UNIX

Rich Pettit richp at resolute.com
Mon Nov 9 22:33:35 GMT 1998

> ok, i followed up on this.  the wine project is under the BSD license
> agreement.  therefore samba code cannot go directly into that source tree
> except under the BSD license, which is unfortunately too much of a risk.
> their work looks pretty good: it does win95 file-format registry however,
> not NT, so there is no security info in this file.
> if nothing else, spawning rpcclient would do the trick.

I also looked into the Wine code.  It appears to be a registry emulation
on Unix, not an implementation of remote registry access from non-windows
(The code I'm referring to is in misc/registry.c.  If I'm in the wrong
place, let me know.)

To further compound the problem, the registry key under NT that I'm
interested in is the largly undocumented HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA.  I've
written all of the code under NT that accesses this key and untangles
the data into a comprehensible form.  I'd like now to do this from Unix.


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