samba-1.9.18p10 with DAVE

System Administrator admin at
Fri Nov 6 17:16:17 GMT 1998

i've been running samba p4 for a while now (linux,libc5) and decided to
upgrade to p10.
After doing so, our Mac user using DAVE software can no longer connect to
the server. It reports to her something similar to the following:
	"A Netbios error has occured. The remote computer's network name
	cannot be found or does not match the name of the server.
	Check the server and/or your scope id"

her scope ID has always been blank. any ideas as to why this wont work
now for her? I can provide the smb.conf file, if needed.

secondary question: can I map file extensions to permissions? like, I want
to say, if user copies over a .txt file, give it permissions of 760, if
.cgi give it 750


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