NetBIOS names with dots in them!

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Nov 6 15:10:19 GMT 1998

I've moved the discussion moved to samba-technical ...

I'd like to first off point out that dots in netbios names is only a
problem in the Samba clients. The server has no problem as there is no

In the client there is 2 issues:

1) name resolution
2) what to stick in the session request

For name resolution I think the correct thing to do i to try the name
"as is" with each of the resolve order methods then if they all fail
try it with the "domain" stripped off.

the main disadvantage of this is the speed of opening a connection. It
will take several seconds for the netbios lookups to fail. If the name
is more than 15 chars long we can skip the "as is" tests as we know
they will fail.

for the session request the obvious thing is to try:

1) the name "as is" if less than 16 chars.
2) the stripped name

anyone like to volunteer to fix our client code to do all this?

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