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Wed Nov 4 07:46:40 GMT 1998

On Nov  4, 1998, Tom Tromey <tromey at> wrote:

> There are some tricky issues.  E.g., right now you can change the
> value of SUBDIRS at configure time to avoid building directories.  It
> isn't clear how this could continue to be supported.

Same as conditionals, maybe?

> It might be possible to do as you suggest and keep the current model,
> but allow smarter cross-directory dependencies.  I think there are
> some tricky things here, too.  For instance, for developers you have
> to figure out a way to make `.P' files in subdirs have meaning in a
> parent directory (you have to include all of these in order to get
> proper dependency tracking across directories).

Not very different from the processing automake would have to do with
the Makefiles itself...  I don't think this would be the hardest
problem, anyway...

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