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Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Mon Nov 2 06:18:43 GMT 1998

On Nov  2, 1998, Tim Potter <tpot at> wrote:

>> > Whoops!  I've broken nmbd for the moment, but don't worry about that.  If
>> > I touch smb.h it doesn't recompile things that need ie (i.e everything).
>> > )-:
>> Assuming you have configured --enable-maintainer-mode before compiling
>> everything and that the Makefile is up-to-date, it should have created
>> files named .deps/*/*.od.  Were they created there?  What do they
>> contain?  How about .deps/depend?

> I've configured --enable-maintainer-mode and am using gmake, but all I
> have in my .deps directory is a lot of.P files, one for each C file.
> There is no file called .deps/depend.

Then you're using an old version of the Makefile.  I've committed a
fix for a bug in the dependencies generator a few days ago, and one of
the effects of the modification was to rename all .P files to .od.
You'll have to `cvs up' it and recompile everything for the
dependencies to be correct.

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