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Tim Potter tpot at acsys.anu.edu.au
Mon Nov 2 05:59:01 GMT 1998

> > The samba VFS (or user-space filesystem as referred to by tridge) is 
> > pretty much working - it's really neat! 
> great! 
> how are you currently selecting which set of VFS routines to load? 

At the moment it is:

#ifdef 0


I intend to take a look at dlopen() and friends when things settle down a
bit more.

Something that has been at the back of my mind is the fact that linking
something with a GPLed something else (i.e samba) makes the first thing
come under the GPL as well.  So, if some commercial entity makes a samba
super-widget interface, the code for it will be GPL.

> > Some general questions: Are there any routines I can pinch from
> > somewhere else to parse filenames? Am I guaranteed to get passed a
> > pathname of a certain format (i.e no backslashes or ../ ./ things to
> > trip up my parser) after passing a pathname through dos_to_unix()?
> if you want it really clean then move clean_fname() from 
> smbwrapper/smbw.c into lib/ and use that. 

Well I just want to be sure that the routines get passed proper unix
filenames as the vfs back end is turning out to be along the lines of
unix/posix io calls similar to how smbwraper looks.


> Cheers, Tridge 

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