Samba on Linux and LDAP

Dan Shearer dshearer at
Fri May 29 09:29:47 GMT 1998

Tip for the day: I just discovered recently when designing an intranet
that you can authenticate on Linux via LDAP with pam_ldap at Very nice indeed. I haven't
stress-tested it though. This makes it much easier to build single login
solutions across SMB, radius, web, ftp, proxy-cache etc. 

Now I'm looking for an LDAP 3.3 server apart from Netscape's (which is
quite nice actually) so that I can put 128-bit SSL in it. UMich is 3.2 and
I don't _think_ it does SSL but I stopped looking when I realised it
wasn't 3.3. 

 Dan Shearer                            email: Dan.Shearer at

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