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Danny Braniss danny at
Thu May 28 15:16:27 GMT 1998

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.980528141415.5978P-100000 at>you write:
i didn't send diffs because the changes where too big, and not realy
final, and was/am waiting for comments. there is a piece of code that i
think wont be liked by some compileres for example

}looked at huji.c: your huji_getpwnam() function calls getpwnam() and then
}does a unix2smb() conversion.
}1) if you do this, the structure returned will not have an NT or LM 16
}byte hash.  the minimum requirements of the password API is to supply NT
}LM hashes for unix users.
}2) it is not the password database's job to deal with the UNIX world: its
}job is to deal with the NT world.  the verification checks to ensure that
}the UNIX username exists for any given NT username are done in password.c.
}for both these reasons, the calls to getpwnam() and getpwuid() should be
}removed, and you should always look for and return the struct smb_passwd
}or struct sam_passwd.
}also, you create rather than store the NT hash.  for reasons previously
}explained, the NT and LM hashes need to be stored in your authentication
}for now, given that i deduce that a lot of your clients are using
}clear-text unix passwords (encrypt passwords = no) i think you could get
}away with _not_ having any encrypted communication of the clear-text
}equivalent NT and LM hashes between samba and your authentication
}database: you will have exactly the same security risks, which i
}understand that you have already accepted.
no, i use regular nt hashed passwords (no clear text). 
btw, wev'e been through this before, in my case im not interested in a
BDC, and though am concidering allowing some administrativia to be
done via nt/samba i still need to do some thinking about this.

as to 1) & 2):
i need some more NT insight, as i mentioned in prev. exchanges, i
could modify my auth-server to supply this info, but i would rather
not. are the NT/LM hashes used for something else than logon/login and

}the rest of the stub / conversion functions look fine: i conclude that you
}are going for a struct smb_passwd system for now, not a struct sam_passwd

my main first efford, was to figure out the code, hence the small
re-structuring, i have to figure out why there is a smb & sam


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