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Danny Braniss danny at
Tue May 26 10:59:54 GMT 1998

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.980524131314.800I-100000 at>you write:
}On Sun, 24 May 1998, Danny Braniss wrote:

}password.c hasn't been modified in this area.
}> will be easy, in the prev. releases they were in smbpass &
}> rpc_something-or-other (...intercative...()).
}[net_login_interactive() and net_login_network().  see the latest post
}under "Re: password API needed" thread.  smbpass.c is no longer the main
}entry point for SAM data (including password) storage: passdb.c is.]

ok, i did it, it took me longer to install NT!

is it possible to API the actual authentication? i see 4 places where 
authentication is needed.


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