new password API needed

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sat May 23 09:45:55 GMT 1998

> I'm thinking of some pretty drastic changes in smbpass.c
> myself right now (with gdbm) so don't change it too
> much :-).

can i recommend doing a copy of smbpass.c, calling it smbpassdbm.c and
adding it as a separate password database api job?

or is that too complicated, given that the private/smbpasswd file is to be
the "authoritative" list, and the gdbm a speed-improving read-only cache?

i think it would still be possible to have a separate smbpassdbm.c by
compiling with _both_ USE_SMBPASS_DB and USE_SMBPASSGDBM_DB, then in
smbpassdbm.c you directly call file_initialise_password_db() to get the
private/smbpasswd file interface-functions, then manually call them
directly to create the gdbm read-only cache from the private/smbpasswd

even if that's in a separate utility which we have to write anyway to do
conversion from, say, private/smbpasswd to ldap...

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