change docs to yodl?

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri May 22 13:20:15 GMT 1998

> 	Pick something the writers-of-it will like, and
> 	automagically convert (as per yodl) to whatever
> 	the readers will like.

yep. The main ones we will distribute with Samba will be man pages and

> 	(ie, if you use yodl, EVERYONE uses yodl, not
> 	some use yodl, some use sgml).

yep, that's why I asked first. I probably won't be the main one doing
docs, so I want to give other people the chance to speak up :)

> [ps: I convert sgml into other languages with nawk scripts: do
> 	you want me to write you some for sgi?]

well .... I'm happy with yodl. If no one else likes it then I can
probably get the perl sgml stuff to work. It dies right now, but perl
is often amenable to hacking :)

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