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Danny Braniss danny at
Fri May 22 13:10:25 GMT 1998

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.980522123442.5288b-100000 at>you write:
}jeremy, jean-f, danny, nis people,
}i'm creating a set of functions in passdb.c: pdb_get/set for the various
}fields in the password databases.  these are all "char*" fields (at the
}moment: none of the database systems store ints or floats like relational
}so far, they are:
}time_t pdb_get_last_set_time(char *p);
}void   pdb_set_last_set_time(char *p, int max_len, time_t t);
}char  *pdb_encode_acct_ctrl(uint16 acct_ctrl);
}uint16 pdb_decode_acct_ctrl(char *p);
}BOOL pdb_gethexpwd(char *p, char *pwd);
}void pdb_sethexpwd(char *p, char *pwd, uint16 acct_ctrl);
}of the time functions, there will be a further five once i do some more
}jeremy, despite doing cut-and-paste from smbpass.c to _create_ these
}functions, there are a number of instances where multiple fields are
}created with slprintf in smbpass.c, therefore i am reluctant to put these
}functions into smbpass.c myself.
}jean-francois, you must have cut-and-paste into ldap.c to get the
}equivalent of what is now "pdb_sethexpwd()": can i recommend that you use
}danny, welcome once again (now that i remember who you are: sorry!), i
}don't know what your password database looks like: i recommend that you
}use these functions if your database stores char * in exactly the same
}format that private/smbpasswd does.
no apologies needed, you people are doing a great job! and i promise
as soon as i find someone going under to get you a pizza.

i just finished (yet another :-) cvs xfer and i guess i better do an
update, so it will take me some while to get re-aquainted. from you
message it seems you expect the api to return the hashed password,
that might cause me some trouble, since my authentication server does
authentication but does not provide the hashed password.


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