change docs to yodl?

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Fri May 22 13:06:54 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> We've been meaning to change the Samba docs to a different format for
> a while. Dan was quite keen on using SGML and various other people
> have proposed other formats.
> A format that I've starting using in rsync is called "yodl". It is a
> very easy to use document format that can generate manpages, html,
> sgml, txt, tex etc. I was introduced to it when someone converted the
> rsync docs to yodl. I then wrote the rsyncd.conf manpage (which is
> rather similar in style to the smb.conf manpage) in yodl and found it
> very nice to use. I still ship man pages with rsync, but generate them
> automatically from the yodl source along with html versions for the
> web site.
> What do other people think about changing the standard doc format for
> Samba? What format would you like?

	Pick something the writers-of-it will like, and
	automagically convert (as per yodl) to whatever
	the readers will like.

	But don't get yourself into a situation where
	you write in input language A, then transform it
	via a noen-way function to input language B, and 
	from there to output languages 	C, D and E.
	Someone is sure to change the B source...

	(ie, if you use yodl, EVERYONE uses yodl, not
	some use yodl, some use sgml).

[ps: I convert sgml into other languages with nawk scripts: do
	you want me to write you some for sgi?]
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