change docs to yodl?

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri May 22 12:40:09 GMT 1998

We've been meaning to change the Samba docs to a different format for
a while. Dan was quite keen on using SGML and various other people
have proposed other formats.

A format that I've starting using in rsync is called "yodl". It is a
very easy to use document format that can generate manpages, html,
sgml, txt, tex etc. I was introduced to it when someone converted the
rsync docs to yodl. I then wrote the rsyncd.conf manpage (which is
rather similar in style to the smb.conf manpage) in yodl and found it
very nice to use. I still ship man pages with rsync, but generate them
automatically from the yodl source along with html versions for the
web site.

What do other people think about changing the standard doc format for
Samba? What format would you like?

One other obvious choice is the linuxdoc SGML stuff, although I never
managed to get it to run under IRIX (which is what the Samba release
machine runs) and there is a yodl2sgml anyway :)

We probably need to deal with this issue before SWAT is released, as
SWAT needs a html version of smb.conf(5) for the online help.


PS; I've put a copy of yodl on

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