Long machine names...

Frode Stenstrøm Frode.Stenstrom at pvv.org
Thu May 21 19:33:47 GMT 1998

>But if we require machine accounts to be stored in the
>same place as UNIX accounts are stored (not I'm not
>stipulating any particular database here :-) then we
>*can* be 100% sure of non-duplicate machine uids.

How so? It is possible (on Solaris anyway) to create multiple entries
in /etc/passwd with identical uids. For NIS+ systems the /etc/passwd
file is very short, everything is stored elsewere. In that case
you must check NIS+ to see if the uid is available.

For what it's worth, I'd prefere to store such information in
NIS+ (or any other proper database for that matter, even an SQL base :)

I realize that one cannot rely on NIS+ as most people don't use it,
but given the situation above, I think it would be just as easy
to create a new file/database (NIS+ ;) for this....Or???

I'm just getting into this code, so bare with me if I'm off key here.


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